Actiwear – Minimal Responsive PrestaShop Theme


PrestaShop 1.6.0.x,

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About theme


The newest theme from EggThemes, Actiwear, is where simplicity and flexibility work best.

Red and black in the classic white background. A neat, clean layout in which featured product categories are well-organized. It seems to be simple but it is effective in helping customers easily find out what they look for.

It is flexible to custom the theme by your own with Theme setting features. You can change template default color, product grid view, background image, etc., Everything depends on how you want, just make the theme most fit your business

  • Actiwear-Preview
  • Actiwear-Color1
  • Actiwear-Home_Color2
  • Actiwear-Home_Color3
  • Actiwear-Home_Color4
  • Actiwear-Category_Grid
  • Actiwear-Category_List
  • Actiwear-Product_Details
  • Actiwear-Shopping_Cart

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