Flexible Shopify Template – Anormy

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Flexible Shopify Template – Anormy is totally matching with your online store. Clean and elegant appearance is perfect for luxury, modern, fashion and other product categories. Anormy is easy to mainpulate with end-users with various features such as main slideshow, quickshop, customer rating, blog and newsletter with mailchimp support. It responses fully with any devices and is mobile friendly.

  • Anormy-01_preview
  • Anormy-02_home_1
  • Anormy-03_home_2
  • Anormy-04_home_3
  • Anormy-05_collection_gris
  • Anormy-06_collection_list
  • Anormy-07_product
  • Anormy-08_shopping_cart
  • Anormy-09_blog

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