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You should not miss Minimal Multipurpose Shopify Theme – SixthTee in which a vary of e-commerce plugins are integrated to support Shopify sites so that you can add necessary functions and optimize the efficiency of site operation. Templates available vary on multiple purposes of businesses that offer many different options for business owners. Ease of installation and use, in addition, professional support from our team will definitely satisfy your demand of a powerful online business.

  • SixthTee-01_preview
  • SixthTee-02_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Furniture_Color2
  • SixthTee-03_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Accessories_Color1
  • SixthTee-04_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Accessories_Color2
  • SixthTee-05_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Electronic_Color2
  • SixthTee-06_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Electronic_Color1
  • SixthTee-07_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Clothing_Color1
  • SixthTee-08_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Clothing_Color2
  • SixthTee-09_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Clothing_Color3
  • SixthTee-10_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Furniture_Color1
  • SixthTee-11_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Shoes&Bag_Color1
  • SixthTee-12_Layout_Shopify_MinimalStore_Shoes&Bag_Color2

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