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Inspiring Gala BigShop, the newest design from Galathemes, has been created as a Magento eCommerce solution for online technology accessory stores. A sophisticated look, well-structured layout and most powerful features, Gala Bigshop shines every product in store.

Like most of recent design from Galathemes, BigShop is responsive, too. Responsivefeature allows web layout change from normal to mobile version automatically which ensures your store available in all customers’ shopping devices and it presents your products effectively.

  • Gala-BigShop-01_preview
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_16_MyAccount
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_09_Checkout
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_08_ShoppingCart
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_07_ProductDetail
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_05_Category_List
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_04_Category_3C
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_03_Category_2C
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_02_Category_1C
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_01_Home_hoverFooter
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_00_Home_Color4
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_00_Home_Color3
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_00_Home_Color2
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_00_Home_Color1
  • Gala-BigShop-Layout_Magento_BigShop_00_Home

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