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Inspiration of a colorful rainbow after the rain, Gala Rainbow will blow a fresh air to your online store. Colorful but it doesn’t make the store loose it own glamour dignity. A multi-layered slideshow which is integrated allows you to enhance visual effect, gain a more effective promotional tool, and emphasize important content.

You want another color to be image congruent with your business? No worries,Variation Settings extension for changing color is right here. Unlimited color to choose and various textures make skin much more alike you desire. Innovative Mega Menu sorts all content into logical categories, and sub-categories that any visitors can follow and find easily. Drag and Drop Mega Menu Builder makes store menu even more impressive with ability to add many levels and columns, or add links, image, clip and more. Responsive Web Design – a basic tool for saving time, cost of website building, and an effective extensions help customers to surf on any device anywhere.

  • RainBow-01_preview
  • RainBow-03_Rainbow_BabyShop
  • RainBow-02_Rainbow_Home
  • RainBow-03_Rainbow_Sport
  • RainBow-04_Wide1_Eggshell
  • RainBow-04_Wide2_Blue
  • RainBow-05_Box1_Pink
  • RainBow-06_Box2_Reddish Brown
  • RainBow-08_Rainbow_Category_Grid_2Column
  • RainBow-10_Rainbow_Category_Grid_3Column_List
  • RainBow-11_Rainbow_ProductDetail
  • RainBow-12_Rainbow_ShoppingCart
  • RainBow-13_Rainbow_Checkout
  • RainBow-14_Rainbow_MyAccount
  • RainBow-03_Rainbow_Electronic
  • RainBow-03_Rainbow_Furniture

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