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As Christmas is coming to town very soon, Bossthemes specially designs the new Responsive Opencart Christmas template. If you are about to open a store to sell Christmas decorations, or your store are stocking up these stuff for this special time only, you both will need this design.

In the white background, the familiar red color on decorations shines most brightly. Best things are shown on Responsive Christmas’ revolution slideshow which is capable to display both image and caption, multi-layer and multi-effect. Ensure your sales of specials!

  • Merry-Christmas-01_preview
  • Merry-Christmas-02_home
  • Merry-Christmas-03_categorygrid
  • Merry-Christmas-04_categorylist
  • Merry-Christmas-05_productdetails
  • Merry-Christmas-06_shoppingcart
  • Merry-Christmas-07_blog
  • Merry-Christmas-08_blogdetails

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