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Gala Go Market refers to special supermarket magento theme online. Whenever you customers are, they can experience your super rich, and impressive product range. An extremely neat and clean layout avoids unexpected distraction as well as messy look.

Wow, what you see on the left side of the home page is vertical mega menu which is much more comfortable to follow, watch and keep track within the website. Beautiful visual effect of slideshow, and promotion static block will space up your website to promote hottest deal. Tab effect shows others product in categories, yet keep it really well-organized. Product widgets, and extra footer make it more informative and also easier to know your greatest offers.

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  • Gala-GoMarket-Home
  • Gala-GoMarket-Super_Store
  • Gala-GoMarket-Simple_Store
  • Gala-GoMarket-Fluid_Store
  • Gala-GoMarket-Fluid_Simple_Store
  • Gala-GoMarket-Category
  • Gala-GoMarket-Product_Details
  • Gala-GoMarket-Checkout

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